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Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Welcoming All into God's Peace Together
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The Need Is Real, Our Neighbors Are Hungry

Grace Church is the CEREAL Church

For a long time, Grace Church has been delivering canned goods and other food donations down to the St. Luke's/St. Paul's Food Pantry in Bridgeport.  This has always been an important way to feed the hungry, and in tough economic times, the pantry continues to have a tough time keeping food on their shelves and the need is higher than ever. 
They urgently need donations of all kinds, but one staple item that they always run out of is cereal. So Grace has committed for years to take this as an invitation for Grace Church to make a significant and important contribution. We are the CEREAL church! 
If all of us could remember to pick up a box of cereal (or two or more!)  each time we shop, we can continue this tradition, support the food pantry, and help our neighbors, each week. 
There is a collection basket at the main entrance of the church, and also one in the Parish Hall in the undercroft.  By focussing our energies together, we can really make a difference as the CEREAL Church for St. Luke’s/St. Paul’s Food Pantry! 
For a helpful shopping list you can download, print, and use on your fridge each week, click here.