Grace Episcopal Church
Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Sustainably Fueled by a Higher Power
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Healing the Earth

Grace Church is all about healing, and we know that healing the earth is part of our mission.  Our youth group participates in or organizes a number of environmental actions in our community each year.  We have also completely changed over to environmentally friendly lighting fixtures.  And there are plans in the works for us to go solar. 
If you have a strong sense of stewardship when it comes to recycling, reducing your carbon footprint, eating locally and organically or exploring the use of clean energy, we welcome your input and leadership here at Grace Church.   Whether it's leading our youth group in shore and river cleanups, developing a community garden in our back yard, coordinating a comprehensive recycling program, assessing our church's carbon impact or finding ways to move out into the community with a healing message for the earth, please contact us if you'd like to create some healing ripples from Main Street in Trumbull.