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Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Food Pantry

 Our Commitment to the St. Luke's/St. Paul's Food Pantry

For many years, Grace Church has donated much needed food to the food pantry, and lately, has been focusing particularly on being the Cereal Church.  Special food collections are often organized during the holidays and on other special occasions.  Grace Church also donates 10% of the plate offerings at our Recovery Eucharist and 100% of the plate offerings on Thanksgiving and Christmas mornings to the food pantry.
When you consider that one in four children live below the poverty line in our society and that more and more people of all ages are not getting enough food to eat each day, becoming a member of our cereal team is a very fulfilling and important way to serve as Christ's hands in the world.  Let Gail know if you'd like to be a part of the team.  And of course, everyone can drop some cereal or other non-perishables in our baskets anytime - we'll make sure they're delivered for you.