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Wednesday, October 07, 2015
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Serving at the Table


The Lay Eucharistic Ministry

The communion table is a special place to be and the Holy Eucharist is a special meal to serve.  There are centuries of tradition behind the communion and the actions of those who both serve and receive it.  Those who serve as table ministers are acolytes (who assist the priest) and Eucharistic ministers (who serve the chalice to worshippers during the communion) are currently studying the traditions of the liturgy together and working as a team to develop a deeper understanding of what we do 'up front' and why we do it.  Together we are developing a new appreciation of the beauty of the liturgy and everyone's role within it.   New team members of any age are always welcome to join in and take part.  Contact Elsa,  if you'd like to learn more. 
"If the liturgy were a play, the congregation would be the actors,
the priest and choir and assisting ministers would be the prompters,
and God would be our audience. 
So when we all come together to do the 'work of the people,'
which is what the word liturgy means,
we strive to do it with beauty, reverance and joy."
-Rev. Elsa Worth