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Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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Our Health Ministry

Grace Church is committed to being a healing congregation and and to providing a welcoming and healing environment.   We see a common theme of healing running through every single thing we do here.
Healing at Grace starts with the offer of an open invitation for people to explore and deepen their faith. We welcome visitors and guests in an accepting and open minded fashion we want people to know they can come to Grace Church just as they are. God welcomes everyone to the feast and so do we. 
With leadership from our parish nurse, Donna, who has many years of experience as a professional nurse, with a strong recovery ministry on site, and with a number of others in the parish offering healing gifts, we have developed a formal health ministry at Grace Church. Donna takes blood pressures and confers with people about their health questions twice a month during coffee hour, and she is also organizing educational events for the wider community, including talks by local health professionals on topics of interest such as naturopathic medicine and end of life planning.
Grace has felt God calling us to find new ways to support the people of our church and the wider community in making healthy life decisions for mind, body and soul. We are striving for true spiritual health in, between and among us. There's plenty of room for your involvement in our parish health ministry.  Contact Donna if you have questions to ask or contributions to make, and you can learn more about Donna further down this page.

Healing Prayer

Grace Church offers healing prayer regularly, including at each Sunday service.  It is also available upon request at other times.
Healing prayer includes having holy oil placed on your forehead (an ‘anointing’) and personal words said to you by one of our healing ministers. You do not need to be any certain kind of ill to receive healing prayer, since we all stand in the need of healing every day.
You may approach healing prayer with a specific prayer request for yourself or a loved one, but you don’t need to say anything at all – just be open and willing to receiving God’s healing power through the laying on of hands.
If you would like to know more about healing prayer, request a prayer of healing, or are interested in exploring the possibility of taking part in the church's healing team, please contact the church office