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Monday, March 30, 2015
Sustainably Fueled by a Higher Power
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5958 Main St.

Trumbull CT





 Grace Church


Welcome to

Grace Episcopal Church 

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Grace Trumbull is a church that welcomes all into peace together. Our ministries focus on family, wellness, prayer, and offering a peaceful space and community to a hectic and disconnected world. Grace welcomes families into our worship services with dedicated space in our church designed so parents and children can enjoy services together, giving kids a friendly space where active minds and hands can be occupied on Sunday morning. 
We embrace the healing power of God's word through the active recovery ministries that meet daily on site, through a strong and dedicated pastoral care team, and through our service to the residents of St. Joseph's Manor in Trumbull.
Trumbull is a large, family-friendly, active suburban community, and Grace seeks opportunities to reach out and offer a warm welcome to neighbors of all ages, abilities, beliefs, races, or sexual orientations. Our church family pours out into the aisles each Sunday to embrace one another one-by-one with a wish for "the peace that passes all understanding," and each day we seek to open ourselves to new and creative ways that we can help each other, and our community to find peace together. 

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At Grace Church we honor the ancient traditions and mysteries of the Christian tradition, but that doesn't mean our ideas are locked in stone.  We are a progressive and open minded community that is more interested in dancing with life's big questions than in proclaiming rigid answers.
We respect the path that has led you here, and hope that we can all find ways to support each other in our continuing spiritual journey. Many people are searching for ways to put their growing spirituality into meaningful practice in their daily lives.
That's when a religious tradition can become truly helpful, even transformational. If you feel called to reconsider church - or to consider it for the first time - Grace Church is a safe place for your explorations, questions - even your doubts.
Grace Church's doors are always open, and we'd enjoy your company and your participation as we heal and recover together.  

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